Enrichment Programs


We have a specialist native French Teacher for children to learn French. Your child will learn colours, numbers, body parts, animal names and more. Our programme focuses on concepts which children can comprehend easily. Our incorporation of French into the curriculum is to provide a further linguistic and cultural activity for the children.


We have a fantastic yoga teacher who runs these sessions with the children.  In the classes, the children will get to explore the magic of yoga and mindfulness in a playful and a non-competitive environment. They will embark on a journey that will elevate your child’s confidence, self-awareness , co-ordination and concentration, maintain their creativity, strengthen their physical abilities and increases their flexibility. In every session they learn how to use our breath as a monitor to our feelings and emotions and they finish the class with creative guided relaxation.


This is a dynamic and lively class which the children thoroughly enjoy.  The children meet a range of characters and puppets each week which take them on an adventure. The children just can’t wait to listen to the story and then get on their feet to act it out. They love to march to the rhythm and beat with the instruments. From this, we have seen how children’s confidence, imagination and self-esteem grow. 


Each week children get a hands on experience to experiment with new foods and dishes. The children are encouraged to try unusual and exotic ingredients like candy-striped beetroot, passion fruit, pumpkin. They get an opportunity to learn different cooking skills such as preparing fruit/veg, kneading, mixing, beating. Through this experience, children became more intrigued to try unusual ingredients, have a better understanding and appreciation of how our food is made and develop their fine & gross motor skills further. 


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